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Many changes have taken place with our organization since our by-laws were last updated.  We are currently, in the process of updating our by-laws to reflect these many changes.


Grafton Hot Stove:  Code of Regulations February 22, 1998

To build character, citizenship, sportsmanship and the basic fundamental and general knowledge of the game of baseball and softball for boys and girls.

Article I:  Name and Offices

1. The name of this organization is the Grafton Hot Stove League

Inc., a member of the Lorain County Suburban League Inc.

2. Offices The principal office of the organization shall be the County of

Lorain.  The organization may also have offices at such other places as the

Board of Trustees may from time to time appoint, or the purposes of the

organization may require.



5. The Vice President shall preside during the absence of the President.

6. The Secretary shall take the minutes of the regular meetings and the board

meetings and take care of any designated correspondence.

7. The Treasurer shall receive all moneys and or paid receipts and pay all

expenditures approved by the membership.

8. The Personnel Directors shall be representatives for the league at and in

all county or state matters and report back to the league.

9. Vacancies in the Board of Trustees and officers shall be filled by a

majority vote of the officers, subject to approval by the Board of Trustees.

10. The Grafton Hot Stove League, Inc. officers shall have the power to

clarify rules and make decisions in any emergency situation that are not

covered by the Code of Regulations and our league rules by a majority

vote. In an emergency situation, when the officers cannot be located

immediately, any officer or trustee has the right to make a temporary

decision which will go to the board at the earliest opportunity to be


11. The Secretary shall have a trustee roll call at all regular, special and board

meetings. Two consecutive absentees without a valid excuse may be

cause for dismissal and replacement of any officer or board member.

12. All officers have the same voting right as trustees.

Article V Board of Trustees

1. There shall be a nine-member board, all from the Midview School

District, to be elected by the membership at the annual meeting in


2. At the annual meeting of the membership, the first order of business shall

be to elect to the Board of Trustees three persons for three year terms.

3. A quorum shall consist of five members of the Board of Trustees.

4. The Board of Trustees shall recommend matters of policy, finance and

aides in education and all other matters for which this organization is

established, and shall be responsible for the management and control of

the organization.

Article VI Meetings

1. The league shall meet the first Sunday of the month at 7:00 P.M.

2. The regular October meeting will be the annual meeting for election of

officers. New officers take office on November 1

Article II Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to build character, citizenship,

sportsmanship and the basic fundamental and general knowledge of the game

of baseball and Softball for boys and girls

Article 111 Membership

Members of this organization shall be any person interested in promoting

Article I.

Article IV

l The officers of this league shall consist of: President, Vice President,

Secretary, Treasurer, Girls Personnel Director and Boys Personnel


2. The officers of the organization shall be elected by the trustees of the

organization at its annual meeting in October.

3 When two or more people are running for the same office, the voting shall

be by written ballot, if only one person is running for an office, then the

vote shall be a show of hands. The officers shall be elected at the annual

meeting for one year terms.


To build character, citizenship, sportsmanship and the basic fundamental and general knowledge of the game of baseball and softball for boys and girls.


4. The President shall preside at all meetings at which he is present, and

enforce all rules set down by the membership and see that they are carried



of each year.

3. Advanced notification of one week must be made to the voting members

of any special meetings.

4. Advance notification of 24 hours must be made to the Executive Board

members of any special meeting unless declared an emergency by the

President or any board member.

5. A majority of the Executive board must be present in order to hold a


6. Voting membership shall consist of all elected officers, all managers,

assistant managers, and two coaches per team, also anyone who has a

listed position in the organization, that is registered by the league. The

voting power will cease when the member is no longer active in one of the

above mentioned capacities.

7. Order of business:

A. Coming to order

B. Roll call of officers, trustees and managers or team representatives.

C. Reading of the minutes

D. Reading of correspondence

E. Report of treasurer, report shall be in written form, presented at each

monthly meeting, to the board. Report shall consist of the following,

current balance, itemized list of expenditures and deposits, and

monthly receipts. At the end of each fiscal year a yearly audit will be

conducted by the Audit Committee. Audit committee shall consist of

no less than three persons appointed by the trustees.

F. Committee reports

G. Unfinished business

H. New business

I. Adjournment.

Article VII Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the organization shall commence on November 1


of each

year and end on October 31


of each year.

Article VIII Fees and Dues

There shall be no fees or dues for membership in the organization.

Article IX Exempt Activities

Not withstanding any other prevision of these regulations, no member, trustee,

office, employee, or representative of the organization shall take any action or

carry on any activity by, or on behalf of the organization not permitted to be

taken or carried on by an organization exempt under Section 501 (c) (3) of the

Internal Revenue Code and its Regulations as they exist or as they may

hereafter be amended, or by an organization, contributions to which are

deductible under Section 170 (c ) (2) of such code of regulations as they now

exist, or as they may hereafter be amended.

Article X Selection of New Managers

Selection of new managers for new teams shall be done by the Executive

Board by secret ballot with recommendations from the present managers.


Article XI Expenditures

Any expenditure above $50.00, which does not come under normal

operations, must have the approval of five trustees.

Article XII1 Committees

1. Each year the President shall appoint persons to serve on the following

standing committees, with the following purposes:

A. Future Directions - To organize and appoint chairpersons for various

fund raising projects; to investigate methods of strengthening the

organization, to involve more persons in the organization; to determine

community expectations of the organization and explore methods of

responding to the expectations; to investigate possibilities to enhance

the maintenance and use of playing fields and such other activities that

would be recommended by the Hot Stove President.

2. Each year the President shall appoint persons to serve on such special

committees as the trustee may deem necessary to promote the interest and

objectives of the organization.

3. Each standing and special committee shall elect its own chairperson. The

President shall be an ex officio member of each standing and special

committee. Projects and expenditures of the individual committees must

be approved by the Board of Trustees in advance of beginning a project or

expending funds on behalf of the organization.

Article XIV Amendments

Amendments must be in written form and turned in to the secretary. Copies

will be passed out at the next meeting for study by members before being

voted on.

Article XV Adoption

We, the undersigned, do hereby certify to the amending of the foregoing

regulations for the government of said organization, which passed by a

vote of members present at the advertised public meeting

Certified by

Jerry Szczepanski Bemadette Gross

President Secretary

Grafton Hot Stove League Rules

Rule # 1

A. Each manager must keep all eligible players from the previous year.

B. A list of eligible players must be presented when teams are formed so

each manager involved is aware of who is eligible and who is not.

C. Any dispute between manager and player that cannot be resolved will be

brought before the Executive Board.

D. Team with the most eligible players would remain "pat" while the other

team matched this number. Then a flip of the coin would determine who

gets first pick of the remaining players (cards face up through entire


E. An eligible player cannot be turned down if properly registered. If no

room, the board reserves the right to find another community for the


F. There must be a representative for each team involved present at the team


G. Exchange of players cannot be done without Board Trustee approval.

H. The number of players on a team must be 12 unless this number cannot be

reached by the final sign ups. There is to be no maximum. The Board and

managers will make final decision.

I. No player may be put on a roster or issued a uniform until his or her

registration card and moneys are turned in.

Rule # 2 Managers

A. A managerial survey shall be defined as follows: If the previous year's

manager does not exercise the option of returning to the team.

B. In the event of a managerial vacancy, the first determining factor in

choosing a new manager will be:

1. Assistant manager returning to the team

2. Manager moving up one class. If more than one manager — go by


3. Coaches of the open team.

•-—- 4. Fill by executive Board Approval.

C. Once a member leaves the league without a valid excuse or is not a

member in good standing, their seniority is lost.

D. Seniority shall be as follows: The number of year active as a Grafton Hot

Stove Manager or Coach in the organization.

E. The manager and assistant manager must be at least 18 years of age,

coaches at least 16 years of age.

F. Manager and assistant are to be contacted between February and March

meeting for their commitment for the coming season. If no committed by

the March meeting, their position will be open for immediate replacement.

G. In the event of rain, the home team manager will advise the visiting team

if weather conditions are based and the game cannot be played. This

message can be taken a the home by the visiting manager or members of

his family. Call to be taken at the time no later than 5:00 p.m. as game

time is 6:30 p.m. If daytime game, notify one and one half hours before

the game.

H. All managers are expected to attend each meeting or have a representative

of his team in attendance. Any manger who misses two consecutive

meetings without notice is subject to removal of his position by the

Executive Board by secret ballot per Article X. Roll call of managers will

be taken at each meeting.

Rule # 3:  Uniforms and Equipment

A. A uniform chairperson will be appointed by the President. Uniforms must

be turned in two weeks after the teams last game. Collection of same is

up to the manager. If uniforms are not turned in by two weeks after the

last game, the chairperson has the right to ask for the suspension of the

manager involved for one year. The chairperson will determine from their

condition when new uniforms need to be purchased.

B. An equipment chairperson will be appointed by the President. All

equipment will be turned in by October 1

st.  If not, the equipment #4:  Fields


chairperson has the right to ask for the suspension of the manager for one


C. The clean up of the field area is the responsibility of the home team after

each game. Also, the returning of the bases used to the equipment shed

after the game. If this is no carried out repeatedly, the manager could face

suspension by the Executive Board.


A. Field conditions, whether playable or not, will be determined by the

manager of the home team.

B. Each manager shall schedule his own practices with the field director.

C. Any complaints or disputes on these rules will go back to the Executive

Board after notification.

D. The Executive board has the right to review and assist or remove any

manager or coach from any team by the approval of six (quorum) board

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